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Service box accessories





Shut Off Keys -
Designed to fit either a ball valve or curb stop to shut off, or turn on, water before the premises.

Service Box Extensions - To extend an existing, service box a predetermined distance and allow the lid to reach grade level.

Black Steel Nipples - Used primarily in conjunction with a threaded coupling to extend a service box.

Telescopic Service Box Extensions - Similar to a standard extension, however, this extension allows for play in the as the set screw is designed to allow for substantial movement.

Service Box Covers - Available in threaded or set screw style, service box covers provide highly visible access points for municipalities or contractors to access curb stops and ball valves

Repair Couplings - Available is two methods of adapting pipe whether plain end or threaded end

Valve Box Keys - Designed to turn water on or off at a mainline valve. These keys have a two inch socket to allow operation of most standard valves.

Threaded Couplings - A simple way of securely joining two lengths of pipe, usually a service box.

Valve Stem Extensions - Are used to extend an operating nut. A 2 inch socket is placed over the existing operating nut and extended by Top Side means of a 1 inch solid steel rod to a predetermined height. An operating nut is secured to the top of the extension to allow for a standard valve operator or valve key.


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